Launched ‘Call of the Wild’ on 4th Oct 2016
an Exclusive an Unique Collection In Aid of World Animal Day

Limited Edition animal inspired jewellery collection designed by Bina Aziz and finely crafted by Gautam Ghanasingh, Ghanasingh BE TRUE

A collection of contemporary separates by Amy Billimoria inspired from Bina Aziz’s art works using various surface detail techniques to show that animal inspired fashion can be worn without causing harm to them

‘Wild Life series’ on canvas painted by Bina Aziz




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How fashion is lending its support to World Animal Day

Royalty Meets Art!
A joint exhibition of Nizam jewels & Bina Aziz artworks

Exhibition date: 15th – 23rd September 2011
Sneak preview over hi tea!!
Date: 14th September 2012
Timings: 6pm-8pm
Venue: Giantti, Grand Hyatt Mumbai
Total walk in: 70

Royalty Meets Art

Bina Aziz is taking Gold Leafing global through grand exhibitions

After successful group shows around the world, Artist Bina Aziz associated with The Gold Leafing Studio is showcasing her exquisite collection using the purest of all elements “24 carat Gold ” at Mercedes Benz Showroom ( shaman wheels) from 4th August 2012 on-wards. Celebrities Brinda Miller, Arzaan Khambatta, Sanjay Khan & Zarine Khan, Actress Divyanka Tripathi, Actress Mansi Verma, Padmini Kolhapuri , Designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed attended the show on inaugural day to cheer Bina Aziz & Shehzad Khan

Shehzad Khan, MD, of The Gold Leafing Studio adds,”Using Gold leafing as a contemporary art in paintings is contemporary way of paintings. Gold Leafing is an ancient art and the legacy of leafing as art is coming from ages from the ancient times and the matter of fact it’s just not gold but silver champagne bronze patina and antique leafing caught the eye. “

On her paintings Artist Bina Aziz says, “My latest works comprise of mixed media with gold, silver or bronze leafing…with Calligraphy…a bit of Arabic& Devnagiri scripts, and Egyptian symbols or hieroglyphs which were used by Egyptians and found in Egyptian art, sculpture and architecture.5000 years ago. Gold leafing is also an ancient art form. Renowned artist Gustav Klimt who was a key figure of Vienna’s art scene in the 19th Century used layers of gold leaf and paint in his works which gave his paintings a modern and evocative appearance..’The Kiss’ is one of his masterpieces. I first realized the beauty & versatility of gold or silver leafing when a dear architect friend Tony Ashai suggested I use silver leafing on a piece of furniture I didn’t like..And like magic the piece was completely transformed” She adds more, “My Jesus and ‘Meditation series is my latest with leafing….in art for me the more imperfect the leafing is the more of a challenge for me to create something beautiful. I work around that imperfection–It’s the opposite with the Gold Leafing Studio. They use leafing to its perfection and their perfection in this medium speaks for itself. When Ian Banerjee of Oceania Cruises approached me to show a series of my works I felt privileged to be associated with Mercedes, The Gold Leafing Studio and Oceania Cruises. It’s all about good living and Opulent Lifestyles. I have designed a chair especially for this exhibition which has been executed by The Gold Leafing Studio in my signature style”

Opulent Lifestyles…The Renaissance Redefined