Eminent, dynamic, and multi-faceted artist Bina Aziz is self-taught. From realism, when she first started painting portraits in the 80’s with commissioned work by architects, to semi-abstract art, Bina is always experimenting with different mediums along with oils and acrylic which enhance the look and feel of her work. Some of her series include Mother and Child, Jesus, Meditation, Ganeshas, Horses, and Nature.

She did a short stint at the Sir J. J. School of Arts and learned sketching according to the ‘Ateliers method in Auckland, NZ, and Computer Graphics.

She has done several commissioned works by architects and interior designers. After her first solo exhibition at the Cache Art Gallery in 1996, followed by The Taj Art Gallery and then The Jehangir Art Gallery there was no looking back for Bina.

She has now collaborated with the brand Padmasitaa – ‘Handcrafted Vintage’ to create some exclusive and exquisite hand-painted designer wear under the label – Padmasitaa x Bina Aziz.

Bina is also a designer, visualizer, and philanthropist. Having designed jewelry in precious and semi-precious stones and helped raise funds for several NGO’s. Her love for animals is well known and she continues to create awareness on animal cruelty. Being a perfectionist she has conceptualized and organized various events.

Some of her group shows include:

Bina has carved a niche for herself in the art world. Her works can be seen all over India and abroad.

Bina has presented and promoted several artists in the world of art, besides starting an Art Gallery in 1999 & then later in 2008. She has taken Indian Art across the Globe.

Her passion for art, fashion, designing and music continues to inspire her to have several cultural events for various organisations in India and abroad thus promoting cross cultural relations across borders.


Brand Padmasitaa collaborates with Eminent Artist Bina Aziz

Padmasitaa x Bina Aziz was launched in May 2022 at The Royal Rendezvous

Padmasitaa – “Handcrafted Vintage” work hand in hand with the Artisans and Karigars (craftsman) who carry the legacy of handcrafted vintage thread embroidery. It is a very specialised and exclusive craft which their company promotes, thus preserving the rich culture and craft of India. A special collection with eminent artist Bina Aziz was launched.

Padmini Kolhapure quotes saying “PadmaSitaa was started with an intent to work with artisans from interior India and revive our art and vintage embroideries. Padmini and Sita come from a background of film and fitness and being childhood buddies then forayed into fashion with a strong intent to keep Indias traditions and culture alive . The name PadmaSitaa is symbolic of goddess Laxmi carrying a lotus. And now we take this brand a notch higher by collaborating with an Artist par excellence Bina Aziz and she plans to take this collaboration to a higher level with her artistic sensibilities through her art and her heart”.

Sita Talwalkar says ”As a brand we like to work with different techniques and mediums, thus the idea to collaborate with an artist of Bina’s stature just happened organically over a cup of coffee”.

Curator, visualiser and celebrated artist Bina Aziz says “I am delighted to be collaborating with brand ‘PadmaSitaa’ and adding another dimension of fluidity to my journey as an artist. It’s all about working with right synergies to bring out the best”.

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