“Rhythm & Harmony find their way into the inner places of the soul” Plato

Bina has helped raise funds for several NGO’s though her various events she has curated and organized in India and abroad.

Says Bina “It is important to always share and do your best for others who are less fortunate. Putting a smile on a child’s face gives me immense satisfaction and it really doesn’t take much to do that. Just a little bit of your time and energy.”

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving” Mother Teresa

The 'Vintage Charity Ball' Is An Annual Fund Raiser By WIA, UK

In June 2018, Bina curated the art exhibit in aid of the cause "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see" Edgar Degas.

Painting live for 'Beti'

Art workshops were organized for the school children in Palghar

At the school which has been renovated by the Nargis Dutt Foundation on 12th August 2021, to celebrate Independence Day

Society for the Education of Crippled (SEC)


An Art event was organized for NGO – Deeds

Charity Fashion show cum Art in aid of CPAA (Cancer Patients Aid Association)

A fashion show along with Celebrities walking with special children along with an art display by well known artists with the 'Game theme was conceptualised and organised by Bina to raise funds for the cause.

Shaina NC Cancer Patients Aid Association

Event for Cancer Awareness. Walked for cancer awareness

Bina walked the ramp for ‘Beti’ at J W Marriott in a neeta lulla outfit

Make a Wish Foundation

Bina along with Mrs. Zarine Khan organised an art exhibition titled ‘Functional Art’ to raise funds for the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ at Tradition Art in October 2010. Mr. Sanjay Khan (Seen below) generously granted all the wishes of the terminally ill children.

Painted a sculpture

(by Arzan Khambata)
Along with 75 artists to raise funds for the Jai Vakeel Foundation.

‘The Pink Filly’ – Fund raiser for cancer patients - Jan 2014

On World Animal Day

An event to create animal welfare awareness saw an eclectic display of fashion, jewelry, art and handbags in the animal theme.
Artists Priya Dutt and Krishna Kumari displayed their sketches and works in porcelain, Amy Billimoria created lovely ensembles in animal design and Bina painted and created beautiful handbags. Animal lovers, and friends came in full support with their dogs who were given special treats.

Listen to Raveena Tandon, Who is a big animal lover, talk about her dog Chotu.
Listen to Bollywood singer and Padma Shri Sonu Nigam speak on animal cruelty.

World Mental Health Day

Music Heals

On World Mental Health Day October 10th, Bina curated and organised a programme of music for Dementia/Alzheimers patients along with ‘Mind Temple’ – Psychiatrist Dr Anjali Chhabria at the Rotary Club to ‘Heal through Music’. Music helps patients manage stress and stimulates positive responses. Alzeihmers patients relate and remember retro music.

Singers Talat Aziz, Anup Jalota, Shilpa Rao, Leslie Lewis, Runa Rizvi, Amika Shail with Jeetu Shankar, and his band all helped make the evening a memorable one. The patients sang and danced along with the artists.